Clinical psychologist, northern suburbs

"This testimonial is with regards to the therapy sessions that my wife and myself attended with Jenny Rose.

I can only speak for myself with this regard to the assistance I received from Jenny. Like most men the initial idea of going to marriage therapy is either a last resort or to appease their partner.


I went there with the notion that it takes 2 to make or break a marriage and with this in mind my intention of attending therapy sessions was to find out what my contribution was to our marriage been in the state it was. I was there to recognise my short coming and/or failures and if I could fix this or work at fixing it, this would make me a happier person, and if I was happy then I could approach my marriage with a different point of view.


The environment that was created was perfect for me and the approach that Jenny took worked wonderfully. The way I feel about myself today is because of Jenny and the tools I now have to assist me with handling issues in my life. I intend going back for more sessions (by myself) as I am looking to become even more satisfied with my mental and spiritual well being. To any men out there considering therapy or divorce. Give yourself arguably the greatest gift you could give yourself and your marriage and attend a session with Jenny I guarantee you, you will not regret it.  P.S Men please go there with an open mind and all wall’s down as this is the only way it will work."


- Selwyn


"My husband & I have been seeing Jenny, for the past few months for marriage counselling. We have had brilliant breakthrough’s during our counselling sessions. Where we were not aware of the hidden issues held deep down in our subconscious that had been highlighted. The practical exercises & advice that she’s given us, has been priceless. I would really recommend going for counselling, it can definitely make a difference."


- Wendy