Parent Training

I offer parent training groups as a key part of treatment of difficult children. This course is not only offered to parents whose children need psychological intervention, but it is offered to all parents wishing to understand their children better, communicate more effectively with their children and learn about appropriate disciplinary techniques.

I am a certified circle of security parent trainer, and as such facilitate parent groups, helping to understand the circular progression of your child's movements. This training helps parents to identify moments that your child needs encouragement to explore, and times when you, as a parent, need to be available for your child and comfort him / her. This group further helps you to identify your struggles as a parent, and some of the difficulties you may have, that may cloud your ability to be the best parent you can possibly be.

Attending a parent training course can be of huge benefit for you personally and for your child. After this course you will not only be better equipped to manage your children's behaviours, but most importantly, you will find ways to enjoy and delight in your children again!